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haha jeff and shaunie

lol jeff and shaun......what can i say?!?! there a bunch of clowns!!! they are so retarded....

ash picked me up from work today, but before she came jeff walked back to work in his little pimp outfit....and waited for me to get we walked out and wait for and ash were sorta pissed cuz jeff invited us to his little family/friends party thing he was having and then was like well there is too many people at my we were all like eh okay w/e.......but he walked to zingo's leaving his own party....he said it was really boring.....but anyways ashley pulls up and me ash and jeff start hangin out....well pretty soon it's me, ash, shaun, jeff and their emo friend tim......well we are all just out there chillaxing being retarded in plain words and ash were dancing and shit like taht......we were having a good time...let timmy listen to my tbs ringtone bonus mosh part 2.....we started singing along to it was fun....i invited them to come....but they had to go to the party cuz jeff got in trouble and shaun was staying the night at jeff's house.....but yeah jeff like threw me into ashley's car window basically and then took my shoe......well i just sat there until he got closer to the car i hopped out and tried to grab him before he ran.....and i like ripped all the buttons off his brand new express shirt...OOPS!!! lol i was like yeah that's right dont' fuck with me!! it was really funny u had to be then i was saying bye....and me and shaun did a gangster hand shake and i went to go do it with tim and tim like squeezed me and pushed me up against the mailbox and was like OMG I LOVE YOU MAN!!! lol i seriously couldn't breathe....between him squeezing and me laughing.....i thought i was going to die......and then i went to do it with jeff and he was like i just give regular i gave him a hug and me and ashley tore outta there......this night was i'm going to go watch some pornucopia bitches, hopefully its a good episode tonight lmao!!

~Love Always~

ps- PS is in the bahamas right now!!!!
pps- PS=Pat Sweeney
ppss- I miss a fair fight!! they haven't played since the tenth damnit!!!
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