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it's been a while since i've updated, but as usual i have nothing to update about!!!! i just got home from work....blah.....but i got to work with jeff (hot), shaun (hott), dave (even hotter), and brian (he's the fairest of them all!!!!) okay that part was queer, but you just have to see this guy, he should be in the mall where luke's (from the oc) pic is!!!! he's got perfect everything.......if you people would come in and visit me you would know what i'm talking about!!!! i got shauns number and he's gonna come watch me sing on tuesday!!! i can't believe it!!!! he was like just gimme a time and i'll be there....and then we got into some interesting discussions about hairy asses and balls.....particularly his!!! lmao i know it's gross isn't it?!?! but i love him!!!! okay, well i dont love him, but you get the point! and then matt (the bagger) was saying how his balls itched, so i told him to just itch is really a funny sight to see, a guy resisting the urge to scratch his balls is so funny!

lmao i can't even finish this cuz julia is coming to pick me up in like 5 cuz were both bored and she wants to go shopping and who knows what else?! lol so i'll catch on the flip side bitches!
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