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omg a month and a half or something like taht!!!

lmao it's been for-fucking-ever!!!! lol i couldn't possibly put everything in here!!!!

lol like a week and a half ago i went to the beach with nick, shaunie, michael, and this girl carol lynn or some shit like that!!! it was sooooo much damn fun!!! we went for the day and then that night we went to richie's (in harms way) concert and that was fun!!! lol i ended up with sun poisoning tho!!! lol....well looking at my last entry i can say...RICHIE DOESN"T HAVE A G/F ANYMORE!!! lol i dunno how long they are gonna stay broken up tho, which is upsetting, but i got my kiss WOOT!!! lmao!!! i was sooo damn happy when that happened!!!

so basically all i've been doing for the past few weeks is hanging with either michael, shaunie, or richie and hangin with ashlinn here and there!!! and let me say, it's been great!!! hehe i love having my own car...even tho someone threatened to fuckin bust my tail light, which they would be paying for!!! BITCH!! so, ashlinn and connor finally got's about damn time she got what she where the fuck is mine?!?!?

hehe a few nights ago i went to a party with shaunie and michael...that was fun....i was DD tho which sucked but oh well....then we went back to shaunie and michael's house and michael was DRUNK off his ass!! lmao it was really funny....i had shaun against my car and i was like "no you can't leave till you kiss me" lmao it was funny...then richie came out...i jumped on that shit....literally and shaun like ran inside hehe....and then me and richie sat outside and talked about how he couldn't kiss me....and then i got a kiss the next night anyways tee hee!!!!

yesterday was fun too, first i went to ashlinn's house! we went to the gas station, got a shit load of food and went back to her house and drained my car battery....ugh then you know who came outside...i hate the fact that i get chills everytime i see him, and not necessarily the bad kind either!!! ugh!! so then after that i went home for a little bit....later that night me, nick, shaun and michael went to arby's to eat then we went back to my house to pick up my brother and go bowling....after bowling i got my swimsuit, hopped in nick's car and went to pick up richie from work...he was happy to see me...even tho we were like 30 minutes late picking him up!!! OOPPPS!!! lol he was cool about it tho he gave me a huge hug! so then we went to nick's house where we jumped into the pool for like 10 damn i had to be in by 12...but dont worry i wasn't trying to act like i was hot shit and stuff *cough*...i let nick drive me home so i wasn't past curfew....but swimming was fun....richie violated me quite a few times...and i didn't he tried to pants me the whole damn time....and then nick touched my boob when he was giving me a hug bye....lmao........last night was just the greatest...

i love just chillin with richie...i wish he and heather wouldn't get back together....but i'm sure it's gonna happen today cuz ugh she's at the beach and i'm not.....grrr.....i wanna be there so bad...but i can't deal with her anyways!!! dirty looks and no! but oh well we'll prolly hang when i get off work i hope!!! maybe we'll go skinny dipping tonight hehe!

okay...i think this is enuff for this's really long and no one is gonna even read or oh well!! hehe i'm rollin like a doobie!! love ya!

ps- a fair fight has a damn concert at the grange tonight and i can't fucking go cuz i fuckin have to fuckin work....fuck that!!!
pss-my parents are psycho!!
psss- the new BSB song is the shit....everyone thinks so BBBITCH!!
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