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yeah i changed my journal up a bit! hope ya like it! i dunno how to get like pics on the page and shit and no one will do it for me so screw's been the longest fucking times since i've updated...i've been busy.

I had to quit the soccer team to get more work hours so i can pay for my CAR!!! hehe my 94 green grand am!! i love having a car...cuz as much as my parents want to deny me of it, my car is freedom. i can go wherever the hell i want, even tho my parents try to tell me no!!! hehe i love it!!

my shaunie, my michael, and my richie!! God i love those three...i just got back from there house before me and ashlinn went up 202....richie...shaun...i just wanna fucking do them both....michael is a different story cuz he's gay....hehe....but richie and shaun just....they are so funny and incredibly good i just can't get over it, but i guess i'm gona have to considering richie has a girlfriend....but richie thinks i'm hot...and we have a lot in common and just yeah....well i'm gonna stop now cuz i'm sure i'm making everyone sick!!! <3

prom tomorrow night! i'm so amazingly excited...i'm so glad ashlinn finally asked connor and there was good to come of that! i've been spending a lot more time with her lately which is awesome cuz we have such a fabolous time when we are together....hehe i love sitting out in my car and attempting to make mike jealous, even tho it prolly doesn't even work but oh well, i like to tell myself that it yeah we saw jay the other day....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! lmao he's sooo fucking hot....he was NEVER that hot in grade school....EVER! but yeah i get to drive tomorrow night which i'm scared about especially after seeing that shit today....they want us to stay off the roads but then they have our prom on fucking 202 and our afterprom all the way back in pike creek!! hypocrites!!! well i'm getting bored of this entry now and i have to go meet this guy that wants to pay me $100 a day to watch his kids over the summer....sounds like fun....leave comments damnit!!

<3 </3 <3 </3 <3 </3 <3 </3 ps- no one has any idea what the theme for prom is pss-i'm pretty sure i blew a speaker in my car already...OOPS! ppss- shaunie kissed me on my cheek! tee hee!
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