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everything is messed up i guess you could say

i dunno so much drama the past however many days its been since i've updated.... friday....i had to work and i was really upset after i was done for some reason, so i called mike shertock and left him a voicemail but he never called me back and now i dont even remember what i was upset how weird is that?

now saturday...i worked during the day...which wasn't too bad...after work i made sure that ashlinn was okay and didn't need me and i went to mystique....i saw a SHITLOAD of ppl there including RYAN and BRANDON DOMBROWSKI....who was acting like a big dick by the way....but ryan just came up and started making conversation and shit and it was hot....and he is just so hot and perfect....even michael says so....but yeah okay i was leaving and i realized someone stole my phone...and i'm not gonna put every single detail up here cuz i'm pretty sure that i already told anybody that's reading this...if not then fuck you yeah my phone got stolen and then my dad got pulled over and then by the time i got home, which was like 1230, i had to soak my toe....and my system was so awake by then that i didn't fall asleep until like 130....ugh and i had to get up to work at 7....

work on sunday wasn't too bad...then i came home and i'm pretty sure i did nothing....

yesterday i went to ash's house FINALLY after not being there for like ever....we had fun....we saw daniel....yeah...and she was dry humping the drive way lmao....we just had a ton of fun like we always do cuz we are young and crazy!!! at night parker and pete came over....and we played pictionary which was fun, except for the fact that it was more of a game of "couples pictionary" and me and pete failed miserably, i guess that should be telling me something....omg and i talked to zach last night...that would be my doctor's very gorgeous son...and he was cool with me talking to i thought that was hot...still haven't pushed the issue of whether or not he has a g/f and whether i can have his number, and i'm very proud of myself for that...!!! and you should be too bitches....especially ashlinn cuz she knows how hard it is for me to control myself like that!!!

so today i went to went by somewhat fast....i went straight from school to the nail salon and got my nails done....they are so cute...and i love the sound of acrylic nails on the has a nice sound to and when i got home i sorta ruined my healthy diet by eating some pizzza hut pizza....oops! right in front of big bro!!! even more oops....!!! well i cant wait til prom it's gonna be a blast...even tho i dont have a date yet...maybe mike, maybe zach....maybe RYAN??!?! God that would be a dream come true!! well gotta go finish getting ready for ring mass.....i'm rollin like a doobie! Love ya'll!!

ps- i got my aqua lenses today too!! yay!! pretty eyes!!!
pss- ryann is so God damn annoying....the way she thinks she knows everything about everyone and everything...dumb whore...
ppss- my brothers are driving me crazeee with their immaturity!!!
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