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hey everyone

i havent updated in a long ass time, solely because of the fact that there's really nothing to update me and mike are friends again whoopie!!! lol....urgh guys just annoy the hell outta's not even worth it

so other than my love life which makes me want to cry....i feel like i dont even have my best friend anymore....yeah ashlinn that's you my love <3....i sorta explained to her today how it felt and it felt pretty good be getting at least some of a heavy load off my chest.....i just dont wanna piss u off or make u upset or make u feel guilty that's not the purpose....the purpose of me saying that shit is b/c i'm having ashlinn withdraw lol i just feel like we are drifting apart tho and i dont want that to happen.....

so other than that....nothing has really been up......i bought my prom dress, yes it's orange!!! it's just sooo gorgeous! ah i could cry but screw that lol....yeah i also had in grown toenails cut out again...OUCH! lol but i'm over that shit....hrm what else? ashlinn is sick :( .....everyone in school is gay minus a VERY FEW select people....and aside from having ashlinn withdraw i'm having AFF withdraw...they haven't had a concert in for fucking ever and that upsets me........but i dunno

michael, shauns gay brother, called me and wants me to go to mystique friday or saturday....i really really REALLY would appreciate it if my best friend would come for would mean a lot...yeah i know it's only mystique but fuck that u should come cuz i want you to be there with me! *sigh* w/e i'm in a bad mood.....comment bitches i feel so fucking alone....i'm rolling like a doobie now
</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3 ps- the best friend i am referring to above is ASHLINN pss- I"M GOING TO THE FOB CONCERT!!! WAHOO!!! it's gonna be so much fun i'm really excited bitches! psss- lindsay 2 is going to, but i dont care its FOB lol.......she just doesnt have to say anything to me.....or look at me.......OR BREATHE!! lmao jk jk pssss- lol parker u are prolly reading this, and yes you pass the b/f test!
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