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hello everyone

high school is such fucking pettty bull shit.....people who you think are cool with you and ur cool with ending up being the fucking just sucks when you think someone is on ur side and they end up fucking you over...things between me and mike i just dont's all so fucked up....i need to chill with ash and go to the grange tonight.....that's it!!!! like fuck everyone fuck everything i just don't give a shit....somebody else was being a bitch today too but i'm not gonna put any mother fucking names in here.....well i'm gonna sit here and listen to dane cook and watch my brothers shoot each other....yeah.....dane cook is my hero!!!!!!
~I'm rolling like a doobie <3 peace bitches~
ps- me and pat had like A LOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT of moments today, especially after school we chilled a lot.
pss- rocco told me he hates when ryann gets all touchy feely with him lmao it was cute and funny.
ppss-dane cook is hot and he strips on the dvd that i have....yummie.
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