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okay so yeah

okay so yeah i feel so much better than the last time i for one. i have a boyfriend....yeah mike sweeney!!! it's seriously one of those things you never see happening but out of no where it just happens and it's just like what!?!?!? you know???? lol but yeah he asked me out was cute..i'm prolly going to a dance with him saturday......but none of my friends are gonna be there. i hate going to dances with out my friends, i feel weird cuz i always dance in a circle wiht my friends....but i dunno if i'm going yet or not. cuz that would mean that i only have a half an hour to get ready. and i can't get off work early or switch hours cuz they are getting fed up with that shit

but yeah saturday night...i had so much effing fun!!! went with my baby and ashlinn, lindsey, connor, and ryann and saw AFF!!!!! lol they are so cute but andy the cake boy didn't get up and do his scream during the song a lovely funeral.......blah.....ashlinn waited the whole concert for but i found out that connor and lindsey actually liked them and that makes me happy cuz i love them!! yeah and then we told ash and all them we'd meet them at burger king....and they fucking set us up and pissed mike off.......they pissed me off too cuz then i had to deal with "you need to reconsider your friends cuz real friends dont do that blah blah" which i found out from someone today that it was your idea *cough* ashlinn *cough* lol

but yeah i also figured jeff was gonna ask me out too but oh well it's his own damn fault!!! lol he coulda asked me out a long ass time ago!!! so oh well i'm happy where i stand right now even tho my friends don't like my boyfriend......which i really don't get cuz he never did anything to them....well he did yell at ashlinn last year but big whoop lol.....he really hurt her feelings..not *rolls eyes*

i think i'm done with this journal entry......i'm rolling like a u bitches!!

ps- me and court just got into a fight cuz she's fucking dumb and i'm about to call stan and be like yo just break up with her....but i wont do that cuz i'm not that much of a bitch....
pss- lol me and nicole jones like had a friendly moment today lmao i dunno what that was about....she said that i left mike for her.....yeah okay
ppss- me and mike are saying i love you already...and his hoodie smells good.
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