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it's one in the morning and i'm not tired....i didn't do anything tonight and that makes me sad and pissed at the same time.....i'm sad that jeff didn't call me so we can hang....but i didn't really let it get to me....but i'm pissed cuz me and ashley planned on going to mystique.....5 minutes before we were leaving she said she had to go settle shit with bobby, said it would only take a few minutes....YEAH RIGHT!! i knew better than that.....i called her at like 930, 940, 950, and 10 and she ignored my calls...i know she ignored them and i left her mean ass voicemails to.....then she sent me a text telling me how her and bobby were fighting......iw as like i don't give a flying fuck about bobby u and i both know he's not worth it and you need to get your priorities straight.....but yeah......w/e i was pissed.....and tomorrow is the sunday before i go back to school.......i'm sorta undecided about this break.....i loved not having to go to school, but i still had to work and i dunno.....i just can't sit here and say that it was all that great....

new years eve was, ashlinn, lindsey, chad, laura, and connor.....apples to apples lol it was just a lot of fun.....i know i had fun.....and me and lindsey actually shared a we actually talked about shit.....i thought that was awesomely cool!!!

well i think that's all for now....happy new years bitches!

ps- jeff and me had an interesting but great conversation last night...right lindsey?
pss- i'm writing another story......weeee!!
ppss- i cleaned out my sock and underwear drawer today! lmao i dunno why i just said that!!
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