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oh Lordy

*sigh* i really don't know what to update about anymore.....i'm so friggin depressed and shit.....nobody knows what goes on inside my head cuz no one bothers to ask anymore like seriously......i feel like i'm losing my best friend....we never get to do shit together anymore and it's just aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh......and i just don't know wat to do i'm just sick of all this shit......high school, friends,'s all an emotional fucking roller coaster.......huh

i wanna see drew tomorrow night but i'm not missing the AFF concert......he'll deal.......AFF i just love them so.....i haven't seen them perform since october and i'm starting to go into withdraw!!!! haha i just can't wait.....this concert is gonna be my outlet i know it sounds gay but i dont care anymore......people can talk all the trash on AFF all they want but i love them!!!! they rock my fucking socks off!!!! pat is still hot as shit and tom was just talking to me for a piece of ass.......mike's one year with katie is also coming is stan and court's 8 that's my guy update.......other than the whole mike schenck deal right now which fucking pisses me off cuz now i gotta watch my back at work cuz people run their fucking mouth to much!!!!

God just writing this whole thing is just's so depressing how unwanted i am......God i hate myself with a passion

ps- pat might like dina. WTF?
pps- drew made me pee myself i was laughing so hard. he has the cutest laugh in the world.
ppss- A Fair Fight tomorrow night at the grange there or be square!!
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