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lemme just tell you

lemme just tell you how gay my parents are......i went to work they coulnd't fucking give me a ride i got one with rory and i went to amanda's house and fucking i asked if i could go to the mall and my dad was like NO NO NO NO NO NO NO......i don't wanna type NO anymore but he said it a milllion times......i'm so pissed right now i hate my dad like i seriously do.......he was like cuz i said no......fuck that he doesn't wanna let me go to the mall cuz he wants to deny the fact that i'm growing the fuck up and i'm not his little girl anymore.....i really really wanted to chill with rory amanda and ashley tonight and just have a good time........but my parents are just fucking blind....they seriously think that just cuz i'm with amanda i'm gonna go and get drunk and high and die like they are seriously soooo stupid......i've never given them reason not to trust me....well there was that one time but hten i came clean about it fuck that......i can't wait til i can drive i'm just gonna run out the door on their ass......they deserve it.....i just had to vent.....but i hate my daddy!!!
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