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Christmas lists

*Richie: A playstation 2- games and extra controller to go with it
*Little Brothers: $15 and a card.....hehe what kid doesn't want cash?
*Mom: A $25 gift card to Steak and I owe her a mug
*Dad: One of those cheesy "Dads" books from Hallmark
*Big bro: Candles for his house!

*Richie: the green "Italia" sweatsuit that I wanted, the black sparkly sweater that I wanted, the white sparkly sweater I wanted, a whole bag of Bath and Body Works 'Winter Candy Apple' scented stuff, and a BEAUUUUUTIFUL butterfly necklace!
*Mommy and Daddy: my car, my room, work clothes, and two GORGEOUS suede and velvet jackets....mommy's got good taste
*Lil bros: Bob Marley CD and bottle of 'Winter Candy Apple' lotion...score! I'm NEVER going to smell bad lol!
*Big Bro: CD holder that i needed badly for my car and a 1 hour pedicure at bliss spa!!
*Granny: new jacket that i needed DESPERATELY (cuz i keep stealing richie's), money, lotions, and other stuff that i'm too tired to think of right now....

so i said i got some other cute little things....including a bracelet that has a bead that represents all the different types of cancer and then has a bead that says 'hope''s really cool....but yeah....

things have been looking up lately....i dug myself into a deep fucking hole that i'm just starting to get myself out of....i work at steak and ale a hostess (<3 caitie, richie, dave <3)....and i seriously just had the best Christmas ever....<3 RICHIE <3.....but i'm really glad with the way things are looking right now....i would right more but i'm reallly tired and you can tell by how many........of those i'm putting in here....hehe love you guys
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