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yeah.....about that

lol i haven't updated in for-fucking-ever!!! all i can say is DRAMA CENTRAL!!! lol the people who know what that means then yeah that's good..if not then ur not cool enuff hah! no but i had an anxiety attack the other was pretty damn mom made me have it....
not much has been going on lately...still don't have a prom date :(...i'm maybe thinking michael?? yes, he's gay, but he's sooo much fun and has such a great sense of humor...he's the coolest!!! the only thing is tho: have you ever tried to grind with a gay guy who doesn't know how to go about grinding??? lol...yeah about that....hrmm....everything is good with ashlinn and parker which is cool if it makes her happy..

last night was the funniest thing....first me and ashlinn watched the oc together which was theeeee best!! lol....trying to fit in drama and action packed stories in the commercials doesn't work lol....and then instead of having a cream filled donut i'm pretty sure it was a crack filled donut....i was asking ashlinn if the inside of my belly button looked like a rabbit's face!! lmao good times...but i knew that 'cream' tasted a little wierd....haha and then i called mike like 10 times just like cracking up asking him for jon white's number for laura (when in reality i wanted it for myself..but shhhh) lol and then once again he started flipping out on me so i flipped out on him back like i really dont care anymore....WHAT WAS I THINKING!?!??!? good Lord i'm retarded he threatened me again....i could take it to the cops but i'm not going to....unless of course he does!!!! and then mike schenck got to DRIVE HIS CAR OUT OF THE GARAGE! *gasp* lol.......he got to put it in the driveway!!! lol revving it up and playing the bass really a car he can't even that's the coolest thing ever....*fart noise and thumbs down*

ugh....i have to get up at 615 tomorrow for SOCCER, and then i'm going back to sleep til whenver and then hopefully me and ashlinn can go to the yeah ashlinn if you read this hit me up!!! my hot friend josh from myspace can come maybe....or maybe dan from myspace if he calls me!

FALL OUT BOY!!! lol sunday night!!! i'm soooo excited you just have no idea!!!!! even though i'm not going with my best friend ashlinn cuz lindsey and lindsay dont like me!!!! oh well i'll just go with stan and take part in his little mosh pit thats never gonna happen lol....but the mosh pit is staying strong in his mind!!! lol....and let me tell everyone who thinks i'm a poser or w/e cuz i like FOB....yes i like fall out boy b/c of the talent show, but once i heard them i realized how hottttt they were!!! and now i like ALL their shit...more than ashlinn yeah i'm just so effing excited!!!
i think that's all for now....i love you all and leave comments bitches or else i'll cry!!! i'm rollin like a doobie!!!!

ps- i got a 2.63 on my report card....which i'm disappointed about...but it's better than a 2.08
pps- eric marsh is soooooooo hot! lol and he actually TALKS to me rather than be a dick like the rest of people that i have a crush on!!!
ppps- i got to play some bball with rocco while ashlinn was stuck on a cruise with laura!!! BURN!!!!! lol ilu ash!
pppps- ashlinn got me the almost perfect picture this week....of: pat, stan, and victor....if it had rocco instead of stephen ragard it'd be the ULTIMATE picture!!! lol but i appreciate you swiping it anyways my love!!! <3

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