boy_crazy888 (boy_crazy888) wrote,


lol i'm sitting here in study with erica and ashlinn!!! my lover (ps) is sitting right behind me!! woot! i wanna go to prom with him so bad...but eh what are you gonna do? i got my prom dress yesterday its so perfect for me!!!! ahh!!!! lol i better be going to glasgow's prom....with JOE!!!! *gag noise*!!! maybe if pete breaks up with his little 12 year old....hrm....or i could just go with joe anyways and do major plastic sabotage at the prom!!! muahahahaha!!! mike threatened me with a mother fuckin baseball bat!! lmao...pussy asss mofo bitch!!!!! then he told me he wasn't coming back to st. e's...and i believed him!! NOT!!! lmao he's looking for a pity party!! bbl.....
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