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hey kids!!!! lol

sooo........lotta shit been goin on....found out that mike cheated on me, of course, that's after we broke up but nonetheless he's a dirtbag and everyone, including his friends told me!!!! thanks to everyone who tried to help me with that!!! it's cool tho cuz EVERYONE is on my side cuz they know he's a fucking asshole who did me wrong.....oh well just another one to add to the list!!

yea so i'm single now and loving it!!! so is stan!!! lol he's so funny, cuz he doesn't want anything to do with her...just lol the whole situation is hilarious....and she needed to hop off me the other night so i called stan and told him that....and he like cussed her out!!!! lmao!!! it was great...she was like way to be two and call him up....i was like way to be two and start shit online!!! lol she's so fucking dumb!!!! but yeah...i'm happy for stan!

movin on.....ashlinn and chad broke up which is actually pretty sad!!! but i'm happy with w/e decision she makes....i would rather her be just hooking up with ppl (parker) and have fun than her be in a relationship and not be as happy. Not saying she was unhappy, just saying maybe she wasn't AS happy...ya know?!?! but yeah that's enuff of that....

i got to see my daughters!!! sabbie and georgie!!! they are soooo adorable, and they are getting so big, lol it's so and georgie went out and looked at the stars and she was sitting there like having an adult conversation with me like no joke....i wanted to cry!!!! i'd take a bullet for those little girls!!! they're so cute....

i think that's all for now...i can't think of anything else right now other than: MIKE SWEENEY NEEDS TO REALIZE THAT KaRmA Is A bItCh!!!! lol i dunno why i just typed like that....but yeah
i'm rollin like a doobie!!!
<3 AsHlInN
<3 LiNdSeY
<3 MiKeY pOo
<3 StAnLey

ps- WhAt If I wRoTe A wHoLe JoUrNaL eNtRy LiKe ThIs!!??!!?? LmAo!!
pss- i played soccer today with stan today after school and i got ALL MUDDY!
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